Bored driver ignores lockdown rules and crashes car in Essex

A bored driver who ignored the lockdown rules and took his car out for a drive, ended up crashing the vehicle in Essex.

The incident happened yesterday (Tuesday 7 April) at around 7.45pm in Chelmsford.

The driver, who was not out for an essential journey, said they went for a drive because they were ‘bored at home’

Essex Police and an Ambulance attended the incident, after the Ford Fiesta crashed off the road and hit a metal fence.

The emergency services were not impressed and action is being taken against the driver.

The car was badly damaged in the crash in Chelmsford

Following the crash, the Essex Roads Policing Unit urged the public to stay at home and follow the advice.

The message on Twitter said: “Chelmsford. Driver of this car was bored so went out for a drive! Us and the ambulance crew are both really busy and don’t need extra work. Another person breaching the regulations. Please don’t, please stay home. Driver has been reported.”

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