Boris Johnson announces new three-tier lockdown system

Boris Johnson has confirmed a new three-level system of coronavirus restrictions will be introduced in England.

This means the country will be split into three Covid alert levels, – “medium”, “high” and “very high” – depending on local infection rates.

The Prime Minister told MPs in Parliament today that he does not want a new national lockdown and the new measures will simplify the range of coronavirus restrictions already in place.

So what does the new three-tier system mean:

  • Medium level – This tier will cover most of England and includes the current national restrictions such as the “rule of six” and the 10pm curfew for pubs, bars and restaurants.
  • High level – This will see people prevented from socialising with other households indoors and the rule of 6 applied outdoors. Most areas that currently have local restrictions in place, such as Birmingham and Manchester, will be in this tier.
  • Very high – This alert level will see people banned from socialising with other households both indoors and in private gardens, as well as bars and pubs closing.

The Prime Minister concluded his announcement by saying: “This is not how we want to live our lives, but is the narrow path we have to tread between social and economic costs of a full lockdown and the massive human and indeed economic cost of an uncontained epidemic.”

“I must warn the House the weeks and months ahead will continue to be difficult and will test the mettle of this country. I have no doubt at all that together we will succeed.”