Essex jogger rescues dying otter from riverbank

An otter was rescued by a jogger after being found dying on a riverbank near the Essex coast.

The otter was rushed to the Essex Wildlife Hospital in a ‘lifeless’ state. The hospital said the otter “vomited a chewed rubber fish lure” on its way to them.

The animal had “completely collapsed” by the time it arrived at the hospital and was not responsive.

The otter was placed on a drip for two hours after which it became more active.

The hospital carried out X-rays and scans that showed air in the animal’s intestines.

Vets were initially concerned that the otter would not recover, but after treatment, he was feeling “a lot better” and eating.

Kate Theobald, a nurse at the hospital, said the discarded lure which the otter had eaten would have “seemed like an easy meal – he’d have thought it was a fish”.

Staff said the otter was “so lucky” that the runner came to its rescue as “the poor animal would certainly have perished” otherwise.