Rare 50p coins released this week could be worth a fortune

The Royal Mint has released a special edition 2019 Peter Rabbit 50p coin this week, and they could be worth thousands of pounds.

The coins were not intended for general circulation, however 400 have been released to the general public.

The special edition coins contain one of the UK’s most treasured children’s literature characters and are expected to be hugely popular.

The coins are available to buy on the Royal Mint website for £10, giving the general public the opportunity to own one.

The Royal Mint said: “The Peter Rabbit 2019 coin is a commemorative only coin. These will not be entering general circulation.”

“However, some coins are now in circulation to the public, thanks to the Great British Coin Hunt team.”

Ian Lambert, from the Great British Coin Hunt team, said: “We are circulating the 2019 Peter Rabbit coin and hoping to get 40 volunteers to help us do this around the country.”

“I’m in Devon this weekend visiting the family, so I’m circulating the coins around this area.”

The team has also released the first 20 locations of where the coins have been put into circulation in a video posted online.